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Welcome to Hike4PTSD.com! We are a group of travelling bloggers, sharing our stories, in the hopes that they will inspire you to go out and explore on your own. Sometimes, it just takes hearing the same story, by a different person, to get you to finally do something you’ve ever wanted to do. We hope our blogs get more people exploring the United States of America, as I am not sure that people are aware of the hidden gems our states contain. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to travel to far off destinations, when our own land has even more magnificent destinations, you just didn’t know they existed. This isn’t a “nature channel” style blog, where the reader is told straight, forward, unemotional, direct facts of locations. These are our travel stories. Our “lessons learned.” Our tips, hints, and warnings. Straight from the fingertips of various different style of travelling bloggers, to capture every angle possible, when it comes to the different ways you can take a vacation.

Whether you want to just fit in a quick nature stroll to with a good picture or overlook payout, or take a week’s long vacation at a specific location, we are asking locals in all destinations, for hidden, scenic spots, to report back to you.

The hope is to show you how easy and inexpensive some forms of travel can be, as well as hitting on random but relevant topics that have arisen, while traveling across the country. Please share our content, recommend us to everybody, and contact us if you need any sorts of collaborations!

-The Hike4PTSD blogg staff