How to save money for travel.

How do so many people have the budget to CONSISTENLY be “on the go?!?”

Million dollar Highway in Colorado

If you were like me, on my first couple of vacations, I did not have a budget. I was alone, I knew around how much I spent on food a day, so besides hotel rooms and airline flights, I didn’t think I had any other expenses.

There is nothing worse than looking at your bank account AFTER you come back from vacation, though. I can admit that I have fallen for the “Parks and Recreations” alluring philosophy of “Treat Yo’self!”

In short, “Treat Yo’self” is the philosophy that you are entitled to something that you don’t normally splurge on, no matter the price or ridiculousness of the purchase, because it’s time to “Treat Yo’ Self.”

The thing is, treating “yo’ self” doesn’t have to necessarily means spending a lot of money. Especially when there are so many stores closing down, including malls all over the United States. When I needed something, I used to go to the electronic stores at the malls, or big retail chains, but then I started noticing something:
1. The sales reps were just there for a paycheck, rarely did they know the market.
2. The items I thought were good, were entry level items to a brand. The “good stuff” was almost always found on their websites.
3. Even for old items, you are still paying top dollar on these items, which can really add up.
4. Items that were “discounted” were still priced too high sometimes, but there was really not a very good option.

And sometimes, you’ll stumble upon a catalog that’s conveniently inserted into your front compartment, when you are flying in an airplane. You start looking at these catalogs and start to think:
1. These items are cool.
2. I wish they had them in stores.
3. Even though they are cool, the price is way too high, this is something someone else can afford to spend their money on, but not me.

And you’re right, who wants to spend $200 on a “secret spy camera.” Yes, you want the secret camera, but not at $200.

In clothing retail, there are shops that collect items from other vendors, and sell them at their stores, at a discounted rate. Still brand new items, never used, never worn, just didn’t have the opportunity to be sold at their original store, so they are showcased somewhere else. And they have some VERY good deals.

But the reality is, they still have to mark up the price, to be able to pay rent, pay their employees, keep the electricity going.

Well, I want to share one of my secrets, in hopes that you’ll share it with your friends and get some blog traffic my way. There are websites that offer a variety of items, for discounted prices. This is, by far, my favorite one, and it’s called “jClub.”

Save big on jclub
Press picture to get access to some exclusive deals!

And just to show you, that I’m being sincere in this, here is a shot of one of the cameras I use to record while travelling, as I am trying to get the hang of taking good footage, for my YouTube channel, as I need to expand on content. (Subscribe please.)

Camera pic
Wide Angle sports camera with underwater case, along with a variety of straps to secure while filming.

Now, I purposely took this very unprofessional picture of these items on my bed, to show you this isn’t somebody else’s item, and I was just trying to pitch you something false. I’ve been using this camera to record footage during some of my hikes. I am just starting out, I am not a professional photographer. I use what’s in my budget, to try to convey the things I see, in hopes to get others out, as well, as I’ve found some sort of peace from doing so. I am a “if you can do it, I can do it too, but show me how” type of guy.

I have a family. I have kids and bills, just like everyone else. I am not doing this full time, this is my part time job. It is okay to start out within your means, the important thing is that you start.

So once I found this site, I immediately looked around for things that I knew I would need, in the future. In the mean time, I start to see items that I want to gift to people, since some people are very hard to shop for. I wanted to record footage while climbing or running, without having to physically hold the camera, which I couldn’t do with my phone. So I start looking for cameras, and run into this very cheap deal. I looked up some reviews, and I decided it was a very good deal.

Jclub camera on site
This camera had all the things I needed, to start out with, and the price was cheaper overall, as this site offers FREE shipping!

I had tried buying this exact camera at other sites, but after shipping charges, the price sky rocketed, and they were coming from overseas. This site not only had FREE SHIPPING, it had FREE 30 day returns. I had purchased items that did not fit the description before, and I could not return it, because the address was in a different language. And it wasn’t going to take months for my stuff to arrive. Not to mention, the variety of items and the ability to navigate and search for items was much more user friendly.

Penny pinching and saving as much money as possible, while travelling, is an excellent habit to form, so that you can continue to afford to do the things you want. Being able to find bargains online is very important, so let me help you save even more money, by telling you about a new promo code for this site!

Jclub promo code
shop at and enter promo code AMAYA4000 to get an additional 20% off.

1. Go to
2. Shop for items.
3. Enter the promo code “AMAYA4000” to receive an ADDITIONAL 20% discount on your entire purchase.

Jclub promo code applied
FREE SHIPPING, FREE 30 day returns, get an ADDITIONAL 20% off, enter promo code “AMAYA4000”

And, as with all purchases that you make, you can’t wait to show your friends what you did with it, I now present to you, a small short video I used with the camera, and other items purchased on the site.

This is a video of me, hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Gatlinburg, Tennesee. I recorded this to purposely see the quality of video I could get out of this camera, and at it’s lowest setting, I’m pretty impressed.

So before you head out and start purchasing items, take a look at this website, use the promo code, you might be surprised by the amount of money you can save.


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