Work with Hike 4 PTSD

Hike 4 PTSD is a travel blog, written by various travel bloggers, with different travelling styles, to bring you an assortment of random but helpful tips.

Our goal is to show how easy it can be, to explore on your own, by sharing our experiences with our audience. To inspire you, by presenting friendly advice via blog articles.

One of the symptoms of PTSD can be avoiding crowds and people, which affects the amount of information passed to you, by simple human interactions. Socializing is a form of information retrieval, as most conversations are not steered by you, yourself. Simple ideas that could have been missed, that would have made you visit a location, were not giving to you. And that’s what we’re here to do. Simple share our stories and information. Create media specifically targeted towards enjoying oneself, the easiest and cheapest way possible, as it has helped others with dealing with PTSD.

Ways of working with us

CONTENT CREATION- We specialize in creating daily content for your media pages! 

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS- When going on planned trips, we take various products from clients and associates, to do actual product placement photography in real nature locations.

CROSS PROMOTIONAL MARKETING- We work with other websites, companies, bloggers, public figures, and/or fellow entrepreneurs, by promoting their content through our social media outlets, in exchange to get promoted by said entity, through their social media outlets.

SPONSORSHIP- Sponsor a service for us to review with a blog article and marketing through our social media outlets. This can be almost any item, product, tour, service, or housing accommodations used during a project shoot.


We offer different types of media content, such as original nature and urban photography and video footage to use, to generate content for your websites, ad campaign, or social media sites.

Marketing Campaigns

Your product can get input into our photography and content, to give you original marketing content, at fractions of the cost of other marketing agencies. Instead of sticking to photo editing software, we enter your product into our entire social media arena, exposing it to different lifestyles and walks of life. Live stream instructional videos and reviews, before, during, and after projects are a perfect way to expose yourself to a very wide and adverse audience. This can vary from anything from a product or even clothing lines, as pictured below, for “Third Eye Tribe Apparel.”

Cross Promotional Marketing & Sponsorship

We are open to affiliate with people, companies, websites, entrepreneurs, and/or fellow bloggers, in efforts to mutually promote those involved. We can review your items, take your items on a trip, to have a location background with your item. Interviews welcome. Do you know of a location that needs to be exposed? Let us know where it is! Complaints, compliments, product donations, contact information, etc, fill out the form below.


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